The forgotten self:

Life was hewn from the environment like monuments were from rocks. The environment determined the structure of our face, designed the texture of our hair, defined the thickness of our lips, and formed the size of our nose, yet we view the environment as the mere background in the picture of life. Estranged by our … More The forgotten self:

Cosmic infants

In the unexplored vastness of the milky way galaxy, live cosmic infants known as humans that have lost the true meaning of life while playing and digging in the mud for buried minerals and precious stones. Humans are cosmic infants yet to take the first step outside of our solar system. Though still living in … More Cosmic infants

Mother earth: the quintessential mother.

Earth is the quintessential mother, she has never relinquished her motherly duties; while other mothers have summoned the midwife of life to cut the umbilical of dependency, mother earth has never stopped breastfeeding us, earthlings. The sustenance of her breast is rich with life-saving ingredients of which all mouths partake; and just as the trees … More Mother earth: the quintessential mother.