Diversity: the democratic manifestation of existence

People are different simply by being; like fruits, people come with different tastes and spring from different roots. Diversity is the oasis that waters the root of life but the soil of society is spoiled with prejudices that oppose its growth. Our love for diversity stretches from the different sceneries of nature to the variety … More Diversity: the democratic manifestation of existence

The life we share

A life that’s not shared is like a cloud that keeps the moistness of its touch to itself, its existence has lost its purpose. Life was meant to be a sharing experience, this is why it uses the grave as a checkpoint to make sure that we leave behind whatever we didn’t get to share. … More The life we share


It’s said that the human eyes have yet to behold the fullness of the earth, most of which is cover under a blanket of wetness, and our lenses are too narrow to capture the vastness of the Cosmo, leaving most of it hidden from our naked eyes. But if we take a closer look at … More Hidden