The parable of the liars

Once there was a great debate among the tongue, the heart, and the mind over which one of them is the originator of lies. “after giving it many thoughts,” said the mind, “the heart is the originator of lies, for lies, are shortcuts that the heart takes to meet its desires. Without the heart, there … More The parable of the liars


The human ego craves to be extraordinaryand shine as bright as the sun,it misremembers that the sun is only oneof countless ordinary stars.Ordinary people are stars that shineabsent the light of recognition.While we look to the walk of fameto honor those with the most extraordinary names;In the walk of life, the actions of ordinary peopleauthor … More Ordinary

“Necrophilic love”: the love of lifeless things.

Love is the purest form of expression between living beings but once love fell sick with greed, it became infected with “necrophilic love”, a love for lifeless material things. Greed is the misplacement of love, it misguides the innate love of man away from humanity towards lifeless commodities. The world has fallen so deeply in … More “Necrophilic love”: the love of lifeless things.

The life we share

A life that’s not shared is like a cloud that keeps the moistness of its touch to itself, its existence has lost its purpose. Life was meant to be a sharing experience, this is why it uses the grave as a checkpoint to make sure that we leave behind whatever we didn’t get to share. … More The life we share


It’s said that the human eyes have yet to behold the fullness of the earth, most of which is cover under a blanket of wetness, and our lenses are too narrow to capture the vastness of the Cosmo, leaving most of it hidden from our naked eyes. But if we take a closer look at … More Hidden

Human nature

There has never been a redline that both the thoughts and actions of mankind have failed to cross; we humans are desecrators of both God and man’s law, and we’re always trying to circumvent the laws of nature. But nothing in nature has ever violated the laws of its nature, which includes humanity; our thoughts, … More Human nature