The void: the voice that cries from deep within.

Its presence can be felt when we are enjoying ourselves with family and friends, while we are cuddling in the arms of our lover; and we can even feel it when we have achieved all that the heart has desires. It is the feeling that something is missing from our lives, we do not know what it is that is missing but it makes us feel incomplete. This void is like a mental and emotional black hole that siphon off any happiness or satisfaction that we are experiencing so that its palpable presence cannot be overlooked. Our ancestors had search near and far for the cure of this bothersome feeling but all solutions had evaded them. The poor are rich with the hope that if they should just find a way to accumulate enough material things this insatiable feeling will fade away; they are convinced that this void is only the shadow of their poverty so by getting rid of poverty, it’s shadow will cease to exist. The void is at home in the castles of the rich, in the same way, it made itself at home in the hut of the poor; the riches of the rich were not able to assuage this insatiable feeling. People have tried everything they can to get rid of this bothersome feeling, they have tried to medicate it way, drown it with the intoxication of alcohol, sex it out of their lives and they have even tried to bury it with material things; but the feeling that something is missing from our lives is immune from all physical pleasures and is still alive mentally and emotionally in our lives. This void is the cry of our undiscovered self that is calling out to us from deep within the non — physical aspect of ourselves, which cannot be reached by our material possession or any physical pleasure. Man has long been afraid to come face to face with his truth, he had become enamored with who he thinks he is, so he has refused to dig deep within himself to discover who he really is. People tend to ignore that which they cannot lose (self) in order to go in search for that which they can lose (material things); they ignore that which is right in front of them and become chasers of the wind. Man is more willing and eager to dig within the dirt and mud of the earth for gold, diamonds, and precious stones than to dig within himself to find the truth of self. But what man has failed to realize is that only when he has fully and truly know and appreciate who he is, can he then fully and truly enjoy the experiences of life. The true joy of life comes from the joy of being, not the joy of things; until we appreciate this truth, the void will continue to beat like a drum of torment within our lives.

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