The ghost of our past love

When we fall out of love with someone, what really happens to the intense emotional energy that we once had for this person; does it just magically disappear from our lives without leaving a trace? Many people see love as some kind of emotional magic trick that appears and disappears in and out of their lives without leaving a trace. But love isn’t a foreign feeling that comes from some foreign place outside of us nor will it leave us to go to some foreign place the moment we’re no longer in love with someone. Love is emotional energy generated from our emotional body, once this energy generates within us, it can change from state to state but it cannot be destroyed. Our emotional body doesn’t allow its feelings of the past to simply fade away without a trace, it’s a repository that preserved our emotional past– including the love of our past. If the earth can preserve the ancient bones of its past inhabitants within her womb and the mind memorized even the most insignificant experiences of the past; why wouldn’t our emotional body preserve something as precious as love? Once love touches us, it leaves behind an emotional print upon our emotional body that cannot completely be erased. The ghost of our past love is still present in our emotional body; but for most of us, it’s in a dormant state, where it has lost its power to affect us emotionally. But for some people, the ghost of their past love has refused to rest in peace; it keeps pulling on their heartstrings, replaying the reminiscent feeling of old upon their souls

Not every past love is buried on the same emotional level within our emotional body; some of us have only superficially buried the love of our past. As a result, the intense feeling of this love is still haunting us even while we’re in the loving arms of another. The ghost of our past love has prevented us from opening our emotional door to welcome our potential next love. When we’re no longer in love with someone, our love for that person loses its intensity and emotionally decomposed itself within our emotional body; leaving behind a relic of what it once was. But many people have made the mistake of hanging the relic of their past relationship upon their emotional wall, allowing their new love to come face to face with the ghost of our past love. If we could excavate our emotional body in the same way that archaeologists have excavated the earth, we would find past love that’s buried deep within us that’s still pulsating. Some of us have used emotional lies to bury a love that’s still alive; we’ve moved on physically but emotionally we’ve not yet waved goodbye. We tried to bury this love that’s still alive by welcoming a new love into our lives but deep within we know that this new love is only an emotional lie. Sometimes it’s necessary to move on from someone that we’re still in love with, especially if the relationship is unhealthy for us; however, we shouldn’t bury this unhealthy love with emotional lies but rather override it with the empowering feeling of self-love.

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