Everything in life is impacted by past events which have left an indelible impression on it; the earth has its craters that were left behind by meteoritic events of the past that changed its physical make-up forever. And the human body has its navel, a scar that reminds us of the very beginning of our past (our birth). No one goes through life without being scarred; the events of life’s journey have never left a man scarless; scars are the birthmarks of being alive. Events are how life expresses its meaning in our lives; some events are like the flakes of snow that melt away as soon as they touch the surface of our lives. While others are meteoritic events are that have left craters like impact beyond the surface of our lives, which affect the way we think, feel, and behave in life. But being that many of us are surfacers, we scan the surface of people’s lives for signs of pleasures, lusting the outer beauty that lies above; while ignoring the scars that lie below the surface of their lives. The scars that lie below the surface of life have more meaning than the superficial beauty that’s staring at us in the mirror. Yes, the scars of life carry with them painful meaning; but when pain is rinsed right mentally and emotionally, it becomes a source of strength for us to draw from in trying times.

The scars of life are storytellers of our past trials that memorialized the impact of life’s crucibles upon our innermost being. Some scars are invisible to the naked eyes, they exist on a level that’s outside the reach of sight; these invisible scars sometimes attract surfacers into our lives, those who are only interested in the superficial aspect of who we’re. For this reason, we should never hide our life scars because by doing so we may send the wrong signal to the wrong people; those who seek refuge from life’s scars. Yes, there will be those who look down on us because of our scars and even refuse to be in any kind of relationship with us due to them. But whoever is not willing to unearth our hurt and embrace it in the same way that he or she embraces our pleasures, should be disqualified from experiencing our love. The scars that life’s events have left behind in our lives were not meant to uglify us, they’re birthmarks of our strength that remind us that we’ve overcome the severest tests in life. We should learn to embrace them, they’re signs of our strength that fuel us with the courage to face the next storm that life will put in our paths. The road of life is not passable without being scarred, so whomever we choose to take on our life journey with us, we should make sure that he or she is also willing to be scarred just like us.

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